Caring for Senior Cats

PetParents who share their homes with senior animals know just how much love they have to give! Weather you’ve raised your cat from a kitten into their golden years, or have adopted an older cat, the rewards and benefits of providing them with care is a wonderful feeling.

While caring for senior cats does require some special attention, it’s important to understand that each cat is an individual and will age at their own rate. Indoor cats can have long lives, averaging 15 years. 18-20 year old cats are not uncommon anymore either. Cats over the age of 8 are considered seniors.


  • Regular vet check ups to ensure you stay on top of any health concerns and are able to catch anything that could pop up quickly
  • Ask your vet to help you choose an age-appropriate diet for your cat
  • Cats eating a dry food diet often don’t get enough water- consider a flowing fountain drinker, or adding a bit of wet food into your cats diet to compensate and avoid health issues


  • Keep in mind that older pets often have arthritis that makes it painful for them to get around- do your best to accommodate your pet. Things like an easier to step-in litter box, bed & food bowls placed on the floor etc. will help keep your pet comfortable
  • Upgrade their bed to something orthopedic, or add soft blankets and towels for a more comfy sleep session. A Sealy Pet Bed could be the ideal way for your kitty to relax!

Observe your cats behavior and note any changes. Even small changes can be indications of big things! Let your cat dictate their own agenda- maybe they’ll like to snuggle more in their old age, or simply sleep the day away- be prepared for your cat to be found resting and relaxing more often.


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