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The Border Collie is often called the most intelligent of all dogs.  Bred originally for herding livestock, these highly physically and mentally active dogs are great companion animals. They are excellent with children too, making them the perfect family dog!

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Top 10 Facts: 

  1. While typically characterized by a black and white coat, Border Collies come in a variety of colors and can be almost any color, including solid red and white.
  2. All pure bred Border Collies can be traced back to a singular Border Collie named Old Hemp, who lived from 1893-1901.
  3. The Border Collie was not recognized as an official breed by the AKC until 1995.
  4. The Border Collie gets its name from being bred in the border lands between England and Scotland.
  5. Border Collies traditionally live 13-17 years on average.
  6. One Border Collie named Striker holds the Guinness World Record for fastest time opening a non-electric car window (11.34 seconds) by a dog.
  7. Before Lassie and Wishbone, the first dog movie star was a Border Collie “Jean, the Vitagraph Dog,” who frequently performed in silent films.
  8. Queen Victoria I was a Border Collie enthusiast and encouraged the breeding of collies during the second half of the 19th century.
  9. Another Border Collie named Chaser has the highest recorded vocabulary of any dog; he is able to recognize 1,022 nouns.
  10. Border Collies are known for having “the eye” which refers to the gaze they use while herding livestock to control the herd.

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