Bond With Your Pet

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of PetParents who has to leave your pets at home while you work all day, you may often wonder what they’re up to in your absence. Many times our pets sleep while we are gone, sometimes they are destructive, and other times they may be self-entertaining with their toys. What else?? Wouldn’t it be nice to actually know what they were up to each day, without having to wonder anymore?

A pet activity monitor is one great way to help you understand exactly what you pet is doing while you’re gone. By accessing the data on your computer or smart phone, you can see your pups activity levels, and more. There are several brands of pet activity monitors on the market, and each one of them offers a slightly different tracking device, collects different types of data, as well as of course using a different interface on their various websites and apps. You can learn more about each pet activity monitor brand by clicking through on the links below.

Various Brands of Pet Activity Monitors:

Here are 4 Ways an Activity Monitor can Improve your Bond with your Pet:

 1. A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog. If you see that you’re pup has literally been snoozing the day away- you’ll be able to plan your evening accordingly. Schedule in a trip to the dog park, a nice long walk, a game of fetch, or whatever it takes to help your dog physically release some of that natural energy!

2. Pay Attention to Patterns. If you take the time early on to observe your pups ‘normal routine’ while you’re away from the home, you’ll be quicker to pick up on the fact that something could be ‘off’ with your pooch as well. If your dog typically sleeps during the day, try doing a few thing to keep him mentally engaged while you’re gone. Hide treats around the house for him to sniff out, seek, & destroy. Fill up an interactive feeding toy and let your pup work on breakfast well into your commute to the office.

3. Keep up on Health Concerns. Some of the Pet Activity Monitor Apps work to let PetParents know when their dog is too hot or too cold, if their pulse or respiration are outside of normal bounds, and can even send text alerts to cue you in to a potential problem with your pet. These apps can help you be the best PetParent by providing crucial information and details about your pets health to their Veterinarian.

4. Keep your Pets Weight In Check. Was heading on the path to better health and wellness one of your 2015 Pet Parenting Resolutions? Most of these Pet Activity Monitors main function is to track your pets daily activity. Compare that activity to pets of similar size/breed, and then you’re presented with data that lets you know how physically fit your pup is compared to a group of his peers. These types of simply goal setting and comparison features can really help Pet Parents on the path to a healthier life with their pets.. Are you prone to accidentally overfeeding your pup? Find an activity monitor that also tracks your pets calories to make it easier for you both to know when ‘enough is enough’.

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