Best Dogs for Bachelors

When you’re a bachelor who also happens to be a PetParent, having the right breed of dog is essential. You’re looking for a dog who’s attractive, friendly, and outgoing as well as one who can roll with the punches. Not every dog is suited to this sort of lifestyle, so it’s vital you find a breed that is as down to have a good time as you are.

1. Miniature-Pinscher

This spunky dog is reminiscent of a doberman, but much more compact form. Perfect for an active life, Min-Pins are tough for their size. Small and athletic, they’re able to keep up with your busiest night. They’re a nice looking dog, sure to attract attention wherever you go, and because they’re friendly and outgoing, they’re the perfect little wing man.

2. Great Dane

Despite their giant size, danes make great apartment dogs and are known for their friendly nature with both people and other pets. While a Dane does require good obedience, they’re overall gentle and don’t require a lot of exercise to remain happy. Grooming is a breeze due to their short hair. This is one friend who won’t be calling ‘shotgun!’, nah, he’d rather take the whole back seat.

3. Greyhound

We know it sounds counter-intuitive because Greyhounds are known for running- and fast. But they actually make wonderful couch potatoes. Greyhounds are a nice sized dog, with a gentle and sensitive demeanor. This breed is an ideal wing man, sure to woo any woman you might be interested in.

4. Pug

Essentially irresistible to all they meet, Pugs are adorable and comical to boot. They’re a wonderful size for apartment living, and carefree to enough to be ready to do whatever you’re doing. Pugs are friendly with people and other pets, making this a dog you can take out and about with you.

5. Bulldog

Bulldogs are adorable, gentle, and loyal. They have a natural affinity towards children, and are protective by nature. Bulldogs have a good sense of humor and are known for being ‘a ham.’ Teach your bulldog to ride a skateboard to attract all sorts of attention!

Being a bachelor isn’t all fun and games so it’s essential to have a good companion to help you through the ruff times. Any one of these breeds listed make an ideal companion for the bachelor lifestyle.

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