Best Dog Trainers in San Francisco

Is your furry friend just a little too frisky?  Check out PetParent’s list of the best dog trainers in San Francisco!

 1. Dan Perata Dog Training


Dan Perata’s mission has been and always will be to bring you closer to your dog.  He’s had a natural gift with dog training and behavior ever since he was twelve years old, and became proficient in training working dogs and family pets throughout his youth.  Now he owns Dan Perata Dog Training.  Here they offer private training sessions as well as a board & train option for puppies or dogs who may need to work on a specific behavioral issue.  Topics covered include housebreaking, separation anxiety, jumping, digging, and biting/chewing.  Check out Dan Perata Dog Training for a pawsome dog training experience!

2. SF Puppy Prep


At SF Puppy Prep, they help PetParents raise happy, calm, and well-adjusted puppies and dogs.  They offer a wide variety of services including classes covering topics like puppy training basics, mutt manners, K9 nosework, and tricks as well as custom private sessions.  In addition, they also offer puppy housecalls and a home school option.  They hope to help your pooch become a city dog in no time!

3. DogEvolve


DogEvolve is San Francisco’s premier reward based dog training facility.  Their group classes are currently taught at the SF Hound Lounge, and cover lessons like impulse control, leash pulling & manners, sit, and leave it.  They also have a private training option which starts in the fall of each year.  They do only work with adult dogs, but for puppy training they’ll refer you to their friends at SF Puppy Prep.  For more information on how to register, check out their website!

4. Dog Gone Good!


Michael Wombacher, the owner of Dog Gone Good, has worked in the dog training industry for over twenty years.  He has been certified by the California Superior Court as an expert on dog behavior, and he wants to bring that expertise to you!  San Francisco’s Dog Gone Good offers four different levels of group classes covering everything from basic obedience to real world socialization training.  They also offer behavior modification training classes for dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, aggression, and housebreaking.

5. SmartyPup!


When you take a class at SmartyPup, you’ll get more than just a class.  You’ll be part of their community!  Enrolling in a class gets you weekly homework and class summaries, written and video instructions, access to a private HELP forum, and the opportunity to take part in puppy socials at a discounted rate.  They offer tons of classes covering anything from puppy training to talent development classes.  For more details and more in depth descriptions of class types, check out their website!

6. Better Nature Dog Training


Better Nature Dog Training specializes in puppy training and dog rehabilitation.  Using positive reinforcement and natural behavior modification techniques, their humane and holistic approach will guide you and your dog towards a better relationship.  He offers in-home sessions by appointment, and after a short free phone consultation he’ll be able to customize a session plan to fit you and your dog’s needs.  For more information, check out his website, which also has tons of other useful resources for any PetParent!

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