Bathing a Senior Dog

September is Senior Pet Wellness month, and November is Adopt-A Senior Pet Month. As our pets age, their needs and requirements are bound to change. Preventative care becomes more necessary, supplements are needed for additional comfort, and exercise routines must be changed. One of the things that needs a bit of tweaking as your dog ages is their grooming routine. Because of that, we could think of no better time to share with you some tips on bathing senior dogs.

Tips for Bathing a Senior Dog:

  • Prior to the bath, give your dog a good brush through to remove dirt, debris, and extra hair so you won’t be picking it out of the drain later!
  • Opt for a bathing spot with easy entry- no more hopping over the bathtub edge for senior pets. Lift them up and in if needed.
  • Add a towel or rubber mat to the floor of the bath to make it more of a non-slip experience for your pets. A dogs is comforted when they have secure footing and this alone can really help you pup feel at ease.
  • If you’ve never used a conditioner to follow up your pups shampoo routine, now’s the time to do so! The extra nutrients can help your senior coat maintain a glorious coat.

After bathing your dog, it’s a great time to check in on your senior dogs other grooming needs. Pay special attention to their paws, clip their nails, give their teeth a good brushing, and check their ears.


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