Avoid an Overheated Dog

Dogs rely on their ability to pant to cool down. Because of this, they also overheat and dehydrate very easily. That can quickly become a dangerous situation for PetParents who aren’t on the lookout for signs of overheating in their dogs. When the summertime temperatures soar, packing water with you while you’re adventuring with your dog is vital. One thing all PetParents will hope to avoid this summer is an overheated dog! 

Signs of overheating in dogs include:

  • drooling
  • staggering
  • glazed eyes
  • heavy panting
  • weakness
  • elevated body temperature
  • dark red tongue & gums
  • excessive thirst

Dogs with short snouts, called brachycephalic breeds (bulldog, boston terrier, japanese chin etc.) are known to have less of a tolerance for heat than other breeds. Check out our guide for heat tolerant breeds if you live in a part of the country where it’s often toasty year-round. 

Looking for more suggestions on keeping cool with your pooch?

  • Here are 5 Ways to Beat the Heat with your dogs this summer
  • Pick up a kiddie pool and turn your own backyard into a wading hole for your dog
  • Stuff a kong treat with your dogs favorite goodies & freeze it for 1 hour before your dog digs in
  • Visit a dog friendly beach or lake and let your dog take a dip

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