Siberian Husky Rescues

The Siberian Husky, more often known as just Husky, are not only beautiful, but also smart and incredibly active. Bred originally in the northeastern Siberia, these dogs love to be in the cold and are happiest when given a task to do.  These dogs require a highly active lifestyle to remain happy and out of trouble. Huskies are independent, clever, tenacious, friendly, trainable, and affectionate.

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Top 5 Facts:

1. One of the characteristics of the breed are it’s striking blue eyes.

2. This breed is a double coated breed so they do best in cold weather.

3. Huskies have an average lifespan of 11-14 years.

4. They are known to howl and try to talk occasionally.

5. These dogs were originally bred for pulling and racing sleds.

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