Ways to Spoil Your Pets this Christmas

As a PetParent, many of us take pride in providing excellent care to our pets, spoiling them even. And by spoiling them, we simply mean that we want them to have the absolute best of everything- food, toys, treats, bedding, safety gear, walking gear, & accessories. Every single pet parent believes they have the best pet, and every single petparent is right! Keeping that in mind, here’s a great gift guide that includes 5 Ways to Spoil Your Pets this Christmas!

5 Ways to Spoil your Pet:

  1. A tasty treat or two– whatever that means for your pet. As their Pet Parent you know what your pet loves best- we suggest picking up a bit of variety so you can stuff their stockings full of tasty goodness! Maybe it’s biscuits like Fruitables, a flavored jerky treats, catnip, wheatgrass, rawhides, or dental chews- pick the items that please your pets most, and ensure they have a fun holiday.  We think these rawhide chews are especially festive!
  2. A mentally or physically engaging toy– Again this suggestion will be specific to your pets particular interests and activity level,  we can however recommend various feeding toys like: kongs, slo bowls, & tux toys, for your pup. Your cat on the other hand may enjoy a nina ottoson feeding pyramid, feather toy, ball chase toy, or some sort of catnip stuffed toy.
  3. A new pet bed– Pets spend a lot of their time sleeping, so it makes sense their beds need replacing on occasion. A non-slip bottom, and stain resistant material makes care simple and convenient for you.
  4. A tech toy– Technology is incredible, and many Pet Parents are using this to their advantage to provide the best care possible to their pets. Devices like the StarWalk, are similar to a fitbit for pets. If you’re hoping to work on training with your pet as a New Years Resolution, a PetSafe Train ‘n Praise is a great gift to get you off to a great start.
  5. The gift that keeps on giving– There is no one, and we repeat. No one who doesn’t love a good subscription box, and that includes your dog! The Paws & Play company have curated great subscription boxes that appeal to pets of all shapes and sizes- dog and cat mixed households included!

Additionally, here are a few Holiday Hazards to avoid with your pets, 5 Common Holiday Foods to Avoid,  as well as a few things that Animal Shelters really need this Season. Worried about your pup packing on the pounds this Christmas? We’ve got a guide for that too!

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