5 Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs

Summertime is known by all as a season for enjoyment. The days are longer, the weather is great, and we get to spend more of our time outdoors. It’s important as Pet Parents to be sure we’re monitoring our pets for signs of heat stroke at all times as the temperatures begin to rise. Dogs get overheated much more easily that we do. Their way of cooling-panting– is extremely inefficient and often not enough in the peak heat of the day.

5 Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs:

  1. Heavy/rapid panting
  2. Glassy-eyed expression
  3. Exhaustion/fatigue
  4. Bright red gums
  5. Collapse

Allowing your dog to get overheated to the point of a  heat stroke should always be avoided at all costs!

Heatstroke Treatment: If you see that your pet is overheated, move immediately to a shaded or air conditioned area. Use cool water (not ice-cold) on your dogs belly to begin to bring the core body temperateure down. Offer your pet cool water to drink (again, not ice-cold) and call your veterinarian or emergency clinic and let them know you’re on the way.

Best Tips for Avoiding Heatstroke:

  • Practice common sense- leave your dog at home in the A/C while you run errands etc.
  • Pack water with you when you & your dog go out to exercise
  • Plan your outings in the cool mornings or evenings
  • If your dog likes to swim, incorporate a stop where they can take a dip
  • Always practice pet friendly sun safety tips

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