New Years Resolutions from the Cat

New Years Resolutions, goals lists, and more are all hugely popular each January as we work to welcome a New Year. Are you a resolutions person yourself? We have a sneaking suspicion that our cats would probably be pretty sarcastic when it came to creating a list of their own. Here’s what we think a list of New Years Resolutions from the Cat might include! 

1. Practice Patience with the Dog.

The relationship between cats and dogs can be tenuous at times, especially if the two were never introduced properly. In fact, the often hilarious dynamic between dogs and cats is something we’ve gotten a giggle out of for nearly as long as they’ve been domesticated pets. In truth though, many dogs and cats can co-exist quite happily, even enjoying each others company. If your cat is a little unsure about the family dog, may this be the year he works to find his inner peace.

2. Hiss Less, Purr More. 

In keeping with #1, let this be the year your kitty finds his inner peace. Perhaps he can preface all those hours of napping with a healthy mediation to stay centered this year. Life is short, it’s all about the purrs!

3. Exercise More Regularly. 

Your cat may have added this to his list this year, but we all know it’s going to be up to you to hold him to it. A few new engaging toys, a bit of interaction with a laser pointer could be just the ticket! Alternatively, encourage your kitty to get moving by using feeding toys or hiding food around the house for him to sniff out- it’s a lot more engaging that a bowl full of food plopped on the ground & works to keep him moving around.

4. Get a New Box. Maybe Two. 

Because obviously, what cat doesn’t want to expand their box collection each year. If it fits, he sits.

5. Drink More Water.

Learning to drink from the faucet could be your cats new favorite trick this year! In truth, many cats suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI) because they’re hydrated from eating dry kibble all the time. Encourage your cat to drink by offering a few water dishes, a water fountain, and feeding some wet food mixed with water.

If you’re curious about more Resolutions, be sure to check out New Years Resolutions from the Dog, as well as a few worthy goals for Pet Parents to tackle this year too!

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