Exercises for Senior Dogs

If you’re a PetParent to an aging dog, you know that exercising becomes more difficult for your pet over time. Their joints often begin to hurt, and their napping becomes more frequent. It’s normal to see your senior pets snoozing more often, but forgoing the exercise all together is certainly not in their favor. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that exercising can slow down the aging process in our pets. Moving around and exercising also increases your dogs blood flow to all tissues, and helps remove toxins from the body.

By most standards, our pets are considered ‘seniors’ after the age of 7. If this describes any of your pets, then you should know that *right now* is an ideal time to begin a regular exercise regime for their overall health and longevity. As a PetParent to a senior dog, sometimes you’re forced to get creative in the ways you exercise your pet. Don’t eliminate indoor exercises as an option. Exercise your senior dog outdoors when the weather is ideal, but don’t plan to take them out more than necessary in inclement weather- they’re more susceptible to chilly and sickness as they age. Your senior pup will more than likely appreciate a nice pet jacket to help them ward off the chill during potty breaks and short walks in the Fall and Winter.

Exercises for Senior Dogs :

  1. Low impact exercise like walking is the most ideal exercise for senior dogs. 10-15 minutes is a good starting goal, and you can increase your dogs stamina from there.
  2. Play gentle games like tug of war, and hide and seek indoors
  3. Swimming is a great way to exercise your senior dog without causing a lot of stress to his joints
  4. If you’ve access to a beach- walks in the sand are a great (and beautiful) way to exercise your pup!
  5. Puzzle games, feeding games, and other food related toys are an incredibly fun way to keep your senior dogs mentally active as well

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