Autumn Pet Safety Tips

With Autumn comes cooler temperatures, a huge relief  in many states across the US. If your pup has been spending a lot of time indoors in the A/C over the summer, Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors, explore, and practice up on your pups obedience. Try hitting up the dog park, going for a hike together, taking a long nature walk, or playing a great game of fetch.

Autumn is also a season that can be dangerous for our pets if we don’t take a few special precautions. Armed with a few autumn pet safety tips, you and your pets will be ready to welcome all the greatness that Fall has to offer with open arms!

Autumn Pet Safety Tips:

  1. Fall is the season when many states will have snakes who are preparing for hibernation- this makes them extra crabby and all precautions should be taken to keep your pets away from a snake if you should see one.
  2. Fall is also hunting season. If you and your pet intend to be anywhere near a wooded area, open field, or designated hunting area ensure that you’re both decked out in Blaze Orange for high visibility.
  3. It sure seems that Autumn is the start of the holiday season! Halloween & Thanksgiving both have strong food traditions surrounding them, and each holiday poses a potential threat to our pets if these foods are ingested. Be extra vigilant and keep candy, desserts, and turkey bones far out of the reach of your beloved pets.
  4. Antifreeze as all PetParents know is a true danger. Fall season is often when we can be found changing the oil in our vehicles, and winterizing our lawn care tools and other summer toys. Be aware of your pets location as you do these tasks and be sure to get the antifreeze cleaned up as soon as possible.
  5. Fall allergies are common in a lot of pets. Keep your lawn trimmed short and rake leaves often to lessen chances of a reaction.

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