Suzanne Simard

Suzanne-HomeoAnimalSue has loved animals all her life and has always been surrounded by happy pets such as dogs, cats, birds and bunnies. Now, she is happy to devote her time and efforts to helping others improve their pet’s quality of life.

Being part of the Homeoanimal family’s ‘Customer Happiness’ team is for her a great privilege. Being able to combine her love of animals and homeopathy all-in-one is a dream come true. Homeopathy has also been a great influence in her life, helping her with her own health problems. She now has full confidence in it’s power to help pets as well.

She also spends a lot of time in underdeveloped countries to do volunteer work. Wherever she goes, animals have always brought her much joy and satisfaction. Helping them to be happy and healthy is a joy beyond compare.