Wondercide Fresh Dog Deodorizer

PetParents all realize that at one point or another, our pets tend to get a little stinky! Regular bathing certainly helps, but what about for those times in between baths that you’d like to just freshen your pup up a bit?

Now you can! The Wondercide Fresh Dog Deodorizer spray uses healing neem oil and therapeutic grade essential oils to actually neutralize pet odors. Unlike many pet colognes or doggie deodorizers that just cover up your dogs’ smell, Fresh is good for your dogs skin & coat, and can even help correct an underlying issue because Neem oil is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


Wondercide’s Fresh Dog Deodorizer is alcohol-free, so it will moisturize your dogs coat instead of drying it out and causing your pup to itch & scratch. There are no artificial fragrances to irritate your pets skin, & nose either. It comes in a nice metal bottle and includes a spritzer that works well to distribute the deodorizer across your pups coat.


Like the rest of the Wondercide products we’ve tried, the Fresh Spray has a light and natural scent. It doesn’t smell like you’re adding chemicals and toxins into the air with each and every spritz-because you aren’t! It leaves your dogs coat feeling light and non-greasy too. We’ve noticed each time we use Fresh spray on the dogs that it seems to work through the entire house as well.


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