Types of Edible Pet Chews

When it comes to types of dog chews, there are certainly no shortage of options for PetParents to choose from. Our pets deserve the best, and often sourcing the safest, most wholesome ingredients for them involves a lot of research on a PetParent’s part. By demonstrating the differences between some of the most common natural chews on the market, we hope to help you make an informed purchase decision for your pup.

Not all chews are created equal and not all chews on the market are actually safe for our pets. At PetParent, we recommend feeding your dog edible pet chews that are all-natural with ingredients that you can pronounce. The list below is a good place to start your search. Keep in mind that it’s a PetParent’s duty to read the ingredients list of all the food, treats, and chews that they share with their pets to ensure the ingredients are up to par. You should always look for treats and chews for your dogs that are made in the USA for basic health and safety reasons.


Natural Edible Pet Chews:

  • Bully Sticks:
    • Bully sticks are beloved by most dogs, and come in several different sizes so all breeds may enjoy them.  They do have an ‘ick factor’ associated with them for some PetParents due to the fact that they are dried beef ‘pizzles,’ but the fact that they treats are naturally derived means there is added nutritional value for your pet.
  • Antler Chews:
    • Antler chews are an incredible treat for those tough chewers out there. These antler type chews often last for weeks on end, and provide your pup with plenty of entertainment. There is no foul odor, and they don’t leave a mess on the floor. PetParents should beware that a chipped tooth is a potential concern, although rare. Avoid the pre-sliced antlers (in half down the middle) as those pose a greater choking hazard.
  • Raw Bones 
    • Raw bones can often be purchased directly at the grocery store, butcher, and many specialty pet food stores even carry them now as well. Speak with your pets veterinarian for a recommendation on a type of bone that would be best for your dog. Senior dogs for instance, are recommended not to chew on any ‘weight bearing’ bones for fear of breaking a tooth. Your vet can give you great insight into what is best for your particular pup.
  • Sweet Potato/Veggie Chews
    • Sweet potato or other dried veggie chews are a great way to help your pet feel full, while also giving them a great amount of vitamins and minerals. These chews won’t really work to clean your dogs teeth like some of the other options listed above, but they do provide a great activity for your dog and are extra fun when stuffed inside a kong toy!
  • Fish Skin Chews
    • A final option is fairly new to the market: fish skin chews. As you can imagine, dogs love them, and PetParents often think they ‘stink.’ We recommend feeding these as an outdoor treat, or in a contained space indoors like your pets kennel to contain any mess. The vitamins and minerals found in these chews are great for your dogs skin & coat as well as overall health.


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