Tropiclean Liquid Floss & Ball

Brushing our pet’s teeth is one of those necessary evils in life and a task that many PetParents forget or avoid all together. This flossing & breath freshening combo from Tropiclean combines practicality and playtime with results for fresher breath and a cleaner mouth! The Tropiclean Liquid Floss and TriFloss Ball are a great way to let your dog think he’s just playing while his teeth get cleaned in the process.

The TriFloss Ball is made of three differently colored bands of twisted rope. Knotted into a huge ball with an easy-grip handle, your dog will find so many ways to toss, tug, and play with this teeth cleaning toy. Spray the TriFloss ball with the accompanying Tropiclean Liquid Floss or use the spray on your dogs favorite toy.

The TriFloss ball comes in several different sizes and the Tropiclean liquid floss is made with all natural ingredients, two details that are very important to us.


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