Titos PrideBites Toys

Do your dogs have their own PrideBites toys yet?


If not, what are you waiting for PetParents?

The Tito’s PrideBites toy is the perfect way to start your pups inevitable PrideBites collection- since this special toy also benefits a worthy cause! PrideBites toys are one amazing dog toy PetParents! Here’s why…


PrideBites toys:

  • are machine washable
  • they float!
  • have a squeaker
  • very durable
  • are super light weight-a great toy to pack for travel
  • retail for just $9.99 on average
  • voted the best dog toy of 2012


Tito’s Handmade Vodka is based out of Austin, Texas- they produce vodka in the first & oldest legal distillery-pretty cool right? Their vodka is said to be so smooth you can drink it straight. Read the entire Tito’s back story here. Because the folks at Tito’s Vodka are dog lovers, they have teamed up with a charity called Emancipet which works to bring affordable spay/neuter services as well as preventative care for pets into communities.


This Titos PrideBites toy is fashioned after a bottle of Tito’s vodka-and it’s nothing short of adorably hilarious!

photo 1

If you’re thinking about ordering a Titos PrideBites toy for your lucky pup- here’s the best part: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these special Tito’s PrideBites toys will be donated to Empancipet so they can work to make spay/neuter surgeries and preventative health care affordable and accessible to all PetParents.


Aside from ordering a Titos PrideBites toy, there are additional ways you can support Emancipet, to learn more click here.

Isn’t this a toy you can see your pups really enjoying? It truly is a toy that is pleasing to both pets and people! 


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