ThunderToy & ThunderTreats

Last week we published a full & comprehensive review of the ThunderShirt by ThunderWorks which is an all-natural way to encourage calm and less anxiety in your dog or cat. Today we’d like to introduce you to a companion product called the Thunder Toy.


The ThunderToy is similar to a Kong toy in that it’s a hollow plastic toy that you’re able to stuff with treats. The ThunderToy is sculpted into the cartoon dog mascott of the ThunderWorks brand, making it one cute stuffable toy-we love his little smile!


If you’re the PetParent to a dog who suffers from anxiety we’re sure you’re well aware that dogs often release their anxiety by chewing on something. Often that ends up being something we don’t want them to be chewing on. The ThunderToy is a distraction toy that gives PetParents an option to provide their dogs with an acceptable item to chew that will also work to keep him calm. Set them up for success!


About the ThunderToy:

  • Has bendable ‘tabs’ across the hollow opening to increase the challenge and ensure your pet works on the task for a good duration of time
  • Is made of high density rubber with a 1 inch hole for releasing treats
  • Is intended to work with calming ThunderTreats or your dogs favorite treat
  • Comes in two sizes- for dogs above and below 25lbs

You can stuff your dogs ThunderToy with the ThunderTreats, or treats of his own. The ThunderTreats certainly have a few advantages over the traditional dog biscuit though!


ThunderTreats are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Wheat free
  • Corn & Soy free
  • Contain calming ingredients: chamomile & lavender
  • For use inside the ThunderToy
  • Can be paired with the ThunderShirt as well



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