Are you the Pet Parent to an anxious dog or cat? Have you been seeking solutions to restore peace and calm to your home once more?



Living with a pet who suffers from stress and anxiety can be stressful for the people in the family too! Weather it just bothers you to see your dog upset, or if your dog becomes destructive when nervous- both situations can leave you living on pins and needles. The ThunderShirt by ThunderWorks calms your pet by applying a gentle, constant pressure. This has a dramatic calming effect in over 80% of dogs and cats who’ve tried it.


The ThunderShirt for dogs is great for:

  • use during storms
  • car travel
  • anxious behaviors
  • overexcited behaviors
  • fear of fireworks/loud noises
  • calming your pet naturally- no medications


The ThunderShirt for cats is great for:

  • anxious behaviors
  • trips to the vet
  • car travel
  • trips to groomer


ThunderShirt is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. ThunderShirt also offers a ThunderCoat and ThunderSweater for Pet Parents to use when their pets are accompanying them out of the house in rain or snowy weather. The ThunderCoat and ThunderSweater both work by fitting over top of the ThunderShirt to keep your pet calm and protected from the elements. If your pet is overly anxious and could use a bit ‘extra’ to calm down, consider the ThunderSpray. A calming, pheremone spray that contains natural lavender and chamomile scents to calm your pup. The ThunderShirt has a patch near your dogs’ shoulder to spray the calming spray directly on for best use.



The ThunderShirt is easy to slip on your dog or cat, and is also comfortable for them to wear. Indoors, or out, this jacket is made to withstand and wear well with age. Every time we put it on Bear, our elderly border collie, it makes him nice and calm, and very sleepy.

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