Tender Foot

The Tender Foot Paw Pad Cream by NaturVet is an ideal way to keep your dog’s feet happy and healthy. Because their paws are their natural form of protection, it’s important that we care for their feet to the best of our ability. Constant monitoring, regular nail trims, and occasional moisturizing are the best ways to do this.

What we love about this cream is the non-greasy, non-odor formula that they use. It absorbs quickly and gets to work moisturizing your dog’s paw pads or elbow spots immediately. Many who have used this product noted that their dogs started growing hair back on their elbows again after regular use.


Applying the Tender Paw cream to your dogs feet (or elbows) is as easy as applying lotion to your own skin. Tender Foot contains vitamins A & E to help regenerate your pup’s skin from the damage caused by the elements and walking on cement. You can use this product daily, or as needed to maintain healthy and nourished paw pads for your dog.

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