Ten Toys Your Puppy will Love

As a PetParent, one of the more fun purchases you’ll make would have to be new toys for your pet. It’s so much fun imagining how your pet might enjoy the toy before you purchase it, and then again while you’re watching their reaction in real time after you’ve presented the new gift at home. When you’re a PetParent to a puppy, you’ll end up picking out your fair share of dog toys! Puppies need a variety of toys, and these toys should be comprised of different sizes, shapes, materials, and textures. Puppies explore the world with their mouths, and it is critical to provide your new puppy with acceptable items to chew on.  As you’ll soon discover, not all puppy toys are created equal. That’s why we’ve rounded up a quick guide with ten toys your puppy will love!

1. Puppy Kong


A puppy kong is arguably an essential ‘first toy’ for every puppy. Kong toys bounce like mad, encouraging your puppy to chase and play. They’re also most famous for their ability to be stuffed full of delicious treats to keep your puppy happily occupied as they work to clean them out.

2. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Puppy Chews Pack


The Nylabone Puppy Pack of chews is the perfect thing for your precious pup to safely sink their teeth into! The chew bones come in a variety of sizes to suit all puppy breeds. The ‘healthy edibles’ line of puppy chews come in enticing flavors that include both proteins and veggies for your curious puppy to taste.

3. Kyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat


The plush puppies are the ultimate plush puppy toy! Your puppy can cuddle and snuggle with this toy, drag it around for play, chew on it, and enjoy the full mat of squeakers too. With several adorable animal friends to choose from, your pup will delight from dragging this toy around by it’s ears, tail, wings, or snout.

4. Hol-ee Roller Ball


The Hol-ee Roller ball is a bundle of fun! Lightweight, it’s easily carried around by your puppy, and tons of fun to chase. The Hol-ee Roller ball is squish-able and shareable and a great toy to play with on non carpeted flooring and outdoors. Increase the fun factor by placing chewies, biscuits, or other pet-safe items inside the Hol-ee Roller ball and let your puppy work on a challenge of getting them out.

5. Chilly Bone


Puppies experience teething pain just like toddlers. As their Pet Parent, you’ll feel great to have a tool in your arsenal when your puppy suffers these pains. A Chilly Bone is an ideal solution to a PetParent’s teething Place a Chilly Bone in the freezer and give it to your puppy to soothe painful gums and teeth.

6. PetStages Loop Toy


This toy is an adventure waiting to happen for any curious pup out there. Easy to grab thanks to all the loops, the toy is lightweight and fun for your puppy to drag and toss about. The toy is constructed from durable denim so it should last longer against those sharp puppy teeth than many plush toys.

7. Snuggle Puppies Toy


The Snuggle Puppies toy is an ideal solution to helping a timid puppy feel more secure in the new home environment. The simulated heartbeat sound can help ease anxiety as your puppy deals with the separation from his mother & siblings for the first time. Snuggle Puppies toys can also be stuffed with a heat pack which will comfort your puppy who will love something warm to sleep with.

8. Squishy Face Braided Fleece Rope


A braided fleece toy is a great alternative to the traditional (and easily shredded) rope toys. The fleece fabric is stretchy and has a little give to it, which encourages your puppy to play tug. Your puppy will get hours of entertainment out of dragging and shaking this toy all around the house and yard!

9. Skineeeze Rabbit Toy


The skineeeze toys are famous for their lack of stuffing. For many dogs, the stuffing is what entices them to pick apart the toys in the first place, so many pet parents have had great luck having the skineeeze toys last longer with their dogs. It’s certainly nice for puppies to have a few types of plush toys to cuddle up with to provide them some comfort as they adjust to a new home.

10. Chuck-It Indoor Ball


Here’s another great ball that’s just perfect for puppies! The Chuck-it indoor ball is plush and lightweight. The bright colors are fun, and the fabric texture is quite unique.  It’s great for your pup to sink his/her teeth into and to entice them into playing a game of chase.


  • Alicia V. says:

    Our Annabel was 2 months old when we got her last May, and I had not had a puppy in over 10 years so I had no idea what new toys were available on the market. It was almost overwhelming the first time we went down the toy isle at our local pet mega mart. We were standing there for a full 20 minutes just looking before a caring associate saw the distress on my face and offered some advice! The Kong was a hit, but Annabelieve soon tired of it because it was indestructible and it got too hard at the end to get all the goodies out! She did however love the Nylabone puppy lamb and apple flavor (at 11 months that’s still her favorite flavor to date)! I wish we had known about the “Chilly Bone” when she was teething. I kept wondering why she would always steal ice out of my drinks until I was picking up her poop and found a tooth in it one afternoon! (I lost my mind.. but the vet told me it was perfectly natural ) I found that Annabel was the best helper in picking out what she liked in the toy isle. She is now a healthy, happy, 61 lbs. and will be 1 year old on March 6, 2015!! Every night when I’m on my way to bed, I walk through the house picking up all her toys and bones strewn all about the floor, and toss them into her toy basket which is the first place she goes in the morning to make the mess all over again! Thanks PetParent for the excellent suggestions, and good luck to all the new puppy parents! P.S. keep all your shoes put up in the closet.. trust me!

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