Being the awesome PetParent that you are, do you ever wonder if you’re doing enough for your dogs? Sure, they’re fed, walked, and have plenty of toys. But truly how enriched are their lives? Are they getting enough exercise?

Luckily, StarWalk will help you answer these very important questions! Simply attach the device to your dog’s collar and this application based tracking device can provide you insight into your dog’s daily activities. Each dog’s daily goal is dependent upon their size, breed, and age. The StarWalk device shows you comparisons of your dog and other dogs in their category to see how physically active your pet is compared to others.


StarWalk Tracks:

  • Active Time
  • Activity Type
  • Distance Traveled
  • Calories Burned
  • Temperature


StarWalk Features:

  • Night Walk Feature
  • Customizable colored lights
  • Step light- display goal features
  • Waterproof
  • White or black options
  • Universal fit & push tab release

The StarWalk device uses bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone using the free downloadable app. Blinking reminders can be set for medication, evening walks, and more. StarWalk is currently compatible with bluetooth 4.0 devices, Android 4.3 and up, and iOS 7.0 and up.


We found the StarWalk easy to attach to Bear’s collar and to get synced to my iPhone. You do have to constantly keep the StarWalk app open (and running in the background) or you’ll have to re-sync each time. It was neat to see insight onto his daily activities and we found it to be heavily motivating to get out and walk together more. Bear is a senior dog, therefore his activity level is low, however we do focus on low-impact exercise to keep him healthy and happy. It was especially nice to use the night walk features of the StarWalk to keep Bear nice and lit up for evening walks as well; you can choose flashing or solid lights, and there are several fun colors to choose from. The StarWalk charges via USB device through your computer and each charge lasts about 4 days.

Thumbs up for this product!

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