Sleepypod Clickit Utility Harness

The Sleepypod Clickit Utility Harness is impressive. This is a harness and car restraint system in one which is extremely handy for days that we take a trip over to the dog park or go hiking. The harness is made from ballistic nylon and strength rated hardware & webbing. The chest portion is super padded for your dog’s ultimate comfort. This harness has three points of attachment to keep your dog safe while riding in the car: an adjustable side tether that clicks on the two sides and the seatbelt provides a third contact point. Bear is able to lay down and sit up when he is tethered into the car safely which makes him a very happy boy!


Bear can wear the click it harness for all of our regular activities, and then he just has to pop in the car as usual. The only added step is that we buckle him in. We took some extra time to get the harness fitted right, and the tethers adjusted to the proper length, but after that initial time investment it’s been ready to go.

This harness has an advantage over traditional one-point dog safety harnesses because it reduces damaging forces and keeps your dogs upper and lower torso restrained. The harness’ seat belt webbing absorbs the force and promotes even distribution to lessen the chance of injury.


The Clickit Utility Harness is available in several sizing options & three different colors. Very small pets, like Scooter, should be secured in the car in a crash-tested carrier like the Sleepypod Mini, Atom, or Air. Read the review for the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed.

The Clickit Utility Harness was named the 2013 Top Performing Pet Safety Harness in a collaborative study (Subaru of America & Center for Pet Safety) to test the effectiveness of pet harnesses marketed with safety claims.

Credits: Original Review from SheSpeaksBark 

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