QuikShade Pet Kennel

As PetParents, summer time is often tough on our pets. Even though the temperatures spike outdoors, our pets still need to get outside for potty breaks, fresh air, and exercise.

The QuikShade Pet Kennel is designed specifically in order to help you and your pet achieve outdoor bliss together, whether you’re traveling or just in your own backyard.

QuikShades come in two varieties: The Pet Shade (open sided) and the Pet Kennel (mesh sided). The Pet Shade is ideal to set up in your backyard or patio to provide your pup a shady oasis to enjoy. The Pet Kennel is great for travel, camping, and staying in hotels because it zips shut to contain your pets while you’re busy packing the car, setting up the tent, or out to dinner. There are three size options: S, M, & L, as well as a variety of pleasing patterns to choose from.

We love QuikShade Pet kennels because:

  • No set-up required
  • Folds down to the size of a packed camping chair
  • Extremely portable for travel or a day at the office
  • The raised bed keeps pets cool and dry
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Great for both dogs & cats
  • Ideal for PetParents with homes or apartments
  • Works to keep pets shaded and protected from the suns rays
  • All fabrics are removable & washable

And it’s not just for dogs! Your cat can find plenty of ways to enjoy the QuikShade pet kennel too. Whether they’re ready to indulge in a nice shaded outdoor nap or accompany you on a further journey, the open or mesh sided QuikShades can be a lifesaver for a traveling cat parent!


When our QuikShade Pet Kennel arrived (in beautiful southwestern print) it took literally 30 seconds to slip out of the bag and pop open, ready to use. It literally feels like our dogs haven’t left it since! One or both of them is always napping or hanging out in there, so we’ve decided to put away their other kennels and keep this one set up permanently in our place for now. We travel a lot and will plan to pack it in it’s carry bag and take with us on pet friendly trips as well.

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