Sealy Dog Bed

Well PetParents, if you’re looking for the ultimate way to spoil your pets, look no further than the Sealy Dog Bed. Yep! That’s right, the makers of Sealy Mattresses have come out with their very own pet bed.


As you might assume, this is THE ultimate in pet bed luxury. The embodiment of pet comfort. While this is called the Sealy Dog Bed, it’s truly a pet bed. If you’re a cat owner, we’re quite sure they’ll be stealing their fair share of time on this too! A cat’s gotta have his comforts afterall! This dog bed is ‘all that’ and then some!


The Sealy Dog Bed is:

  • A memory foam bed that cools your dog while he sleeps using energy gel technology
  • Has orthopedic foam & quad layer technology
  • well hidden zippers
  • a foam bolster for your pets ultimate comfort
  • non-slip bottom-great for senior dogs’ stability
  • water proof liner lends itself towards easy clean up


The Sealy Dog Bed was give the Editor’s Choice Award for the Best Dog Bed of the Year in 2014, and for good reason PetParents! If you think your pet sleeps a lot now, just wait ’til they’re snoozing away on a Sealy!


The Sealy Dog Bed comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. There are also two different color options- gray or brown. Our Bear is a 60 lb. border collie x german shepherd mix- and the medium sized bed is ideally sized for him. One of my favorite things about this dog bed is that it seems to miraculously capture a lot of their loose hair on the cover, and it’s incredibly easy to pull out the vacuum and clean up after them!


It’s essentially been love at first sight between Bear and his Sealy Dog Bed. He’s a 12 year old senior dog now, and truly appreciates the extra comforts in life. He can be found spending most of his days, napping in his Sealy Dog Bed taking in the scents at our back door. We did a mini ‘test’ the first night, giving Bear the option of his old dog bed, or the Sealy Dog bed to sleep in- and he made zero hesitation of choosing the Sealy!


Then of course, there’s our little dog,  Scooter. He loves the Sealy just as much as Bear does, if not more, and they often share it, or take turns using this comfy sleep spot.


We’re happy to say that our dog sleeps on a Sealy!

So PetParents, now that you know all about the Sealy Dog Bed, are you thinking it’s something your own pets would have on their wish list? It could make an excellent pet birthday or Christmas gift! 

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