FindingRover is a wonderful tool for PetParents everywhere!

  • FindingRover is a FREE app
  • This app uses revolutionary facial recognition technology that is 98% accurate in matching Lost Dog and Found Dog posters together!
  • This app combines live-saving technology with pet-centric social networking to reunite lost pets with their PetParents quickly
  • View an interactive map your area, showing you where dogs have been lost or found, as well as the time and date they went missing
  • The app is easy to use, very user friendly, and setting up a profile takes a matter of minutes.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the FREE app
  2. Register your dog(s) on your FindingRover profile- this ensures that your pets are entered into the system and their face is already in the system to save time if they are ever lost
  3. Then, no matter who finds a lost dog- weather they’re a dog owner or not, they can use FindingRover to find that pets owner. The service is free, which allows everyone to use it! Animal Shelters and Vets offices included.


  • If you’ve LOST a dog, all it takes is a few clicks on FindingRover, and digital Lost posters are sent to every member within 10 miles!
  • If you’ve FOUND a dog, take a photo of a lost dog, and FindingRover can help you find the owner. When you report a found dog, a notification will be sent to every member in a 10 mile radius from where you found this dog.

App_List Screen Shot

Most PetParents already have their pets wearing tags and collars on a regular basis which is a great way to ensure they have their ID at all times, but collars can fall off and be removed, which is why we also recommend having a few back-up plans in mind. We recently shared the importance of microchipping your pets which is another great step to ensuring you and your pets are reunited again if they should ever go missing. FindingRover is a technology that is provides another layer of security for a lost pet, saving and recognizing your dogs unique facial markers and utilizing the power of social media to spread the word.

Would you rely on technology and social media to reunite you with your dog if he ever went missing? What other precautions, apps, and systems do you have in place? 

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