Dyson Vacuums

If you’re a PetParent, you understand the amount of clean up involved with caring for your pet and home. Pets introduce additional dirt, dust, and hair into our homes, not to mention additional laundry, dishes, and more! Pets are a commitment indeed, but one that’s undoubtedly worth it! Using the right products to clean up after your pets is a great way to make the task easy, and hassle-free, rather than having it become the ultimate chore.

Dyson‘s vacuums are the ideal way to clean up after your pet. They have a special model designed specifically for your pet (see below). We especially love that these vacuums are HEPA sealed and filtered, meaning dust collected actually stays in the vacuum and doesn’t go right back out into the air and your home. Each vacuum is easy to empty thanks to their canisters which feature a button drop feature. We’re always surprised by the amount of dog hair and outdoor debris that our Dyson vacuum collects.

The Dyson DC65 Animal was clearly designed with PetParents in mind, since they put animal in the name! This vacuum has been designed and built to provide the strongest suction of any vacuum. It has a self-adjusting cleaner head, and performs equally as well on carpet or hard floors with the push of a button. The vacuum uses Radial Root Cyclone technology which actually helps to remove dirt, dust and allergens from the home each time we vacuum- gotta love that! This vacuum is very sturdy, easy to empty, and we love that we don’t have to buy replacement bags! It is, however, somewhat heavy and bulky for certain tasks, such as cleaning stairs. And for super tight spots, we’ve found it helpful to have a handheld model to use as well.

For our handheld model, we chose the Dyson DC58. This is the most power efficient handheld, and it also charges quite quickly. It has the same, easy empty-bin feature as the bigger model as well as several attachments that we can use depending on our particular task at hand. It’s great for spot cleaning the floor, chasing dust bunnies and fur balls, cleaning the car, and even reaching nasty cobwebs from the ceilings.

Then of course there’s the ‘Dyson Difference

  • made from ABS & polycarbonate- materials found in riot shields- they are built to last!
  • constant powerful suction, with the ability to capture allergens and dust
  • no dusty bags to empty
  • each new Dyson comes with a free 2 year warranty including parts and labor

We’ve serviced our Dyson vacuum once in the five years of ownership. We found it easy to locate and access a Dyson trained professional in our area who could quickly and effectively service our vacuum. This gives the Dyson extra brownie points in our book.

Two thumbs up for this product!

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