Branch Basics for Pet Laundry

Do your dog’s plush and fabric toys ever get too gross to handle? Do they collect dirt, drool, and dust bunnies until you just can’t stand them anymore?

Instead of tossing your pup’s favorite plush toys when they’re showing a bit of grit and grime, you can simply gather them up with some of your pet’s bedding and get them ready for a deep cleaning and thorough refreshing.

Did you know that most plush toys, rope bones, and even tennis balls will do just fine going through your washing machine? They’ll come out looking sparkling clean (at least in comparison) and smelling oh so fresh. But you don’t want to wash your dogs toys in just any old laundry detergent…let’s keep in mind your pup puts these in his/her mouth like it’s their job, and that he/she drools, chews, and otherwise maims their toys with their teeth. Detergents with toxic chemicals just won’t do!

Branch Basics is a toxin free, cruelty-free, all natural cleaner that is safe for pets and their people! Branch Basics is sold in concentrate form and it’s good for cleaning SO MANY THINGS! They send a handy Dilution Guide with your order so that you can be an eco-friendly mix-master and start creating your own detergents, cleaners, cleansers and more with the same bottle of concentrate at home.

Adding Branch Basics into your load of laundry couldn’t be any easier- because there is no dilution needed! Simply use 1 TBS per medium load of laundry and Branch Basics will get to work perfectly to cleansing, eliminating stains, and to neutralizing pet odors from the fabrics of your pups favorite toys, beds, and bath towels.

When we washed Scooter and Bear’s toys with Branch Basics, it had been 8+ months since any of them had been washed. They all had their fair share of stains, slight tears, scuffed fur, and general gross-ness about them. But after their trip through the washer and dryer along with 1 TBS of Branch Basics? They looked clean and smelled great too! Scooter couldn’t wait to puppy pile it up with his clean toys!

Some of our (other) favorite uses for Branch Basics include:

  • bathing the dog
  • doing the dishes
  • cleaning carpet stains/odors
  • doing laundry
  • cleaning the floors
  • hand soap/body soap
  • hair de-tangler
  • pet ear cleaner
  • removing adhesives/candle wax
  • washing fruits and veggies
  • cleaning yoga mats
  • wash car/bike/boat

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