Piddle Place

If you’re the PetParent to a small breed dog, or a puppy who’s working on their house training,  you might already be aware…puppy pads are expensive and messy! Not to mention they can be detrimental on the environment. Puppy pads cost PetParents an average of .70/each and most households use two or more each day. That’s a cost that can really add up quickly!

What if there was another option? An indoor potty system for both dogs and cats that was sanitary, odor-free, environmentally friendly, and easy to use?

Piddle Place could be the answer to all your pet potty needs! This pet relief system is designed for dogs and cats under 28 inches long. Both species, as well as puppies and kittens, can be easily trained to eliminate using the Piddle Place indoor potty system.

The Piddle Place is ideal for pets who:

  • live in apartments or condos
  • stay at home for long hours alone
  • travel or boat frequently
  • dislike going outdoors during poor weather
  • have disabled owners who have trouble taking them outside as needed
  • senior pets, pets with mobility issues

Piddle Place features include:

  • easy & fast drainage into lower reservoir
  • washable grass-like ‘turf’- porous &  drains well
  • drainage valve for zero contact with pet waste
  • bio-enzyme sprays to keep bacteria and odor eliminated
  • a snap-on top cover for easy transport & emptying
  • an optional splash guard for male dogs who leg-lift

The Piddle Place couldn’t be easier to set up either! Just open the pack of Bio+ concentrate that comes with the unit. Mix it with 1 cup of water, shake, and pour into the base. Then put the turf back in place and your pet is ready to go- just like that! Once daily, or after your pets’ use- spray the Piddle Place with the BioEssence treatment to keep the system clean and odor free. The BioEssensce treatment works with the Bio+ concentrate mix to eliminate odors (not cover them up).

Luckily, when it comes to clean-up, Piddle Place makes things a breeze. You simply place the lid over the turf, twist the drain valve, and empty. Piddle Place comes with excellent set-up, and emptying instructions as well as a detailed guide on training your puppy, dog, or cat to use the Piddle Place Pet Relief System.

The Piddle Place is constructed in the USA and is made of molded plastic. It is both lightweight, and easy to carry thanks to built-in handles. The unit can hold up to 100lbs- but you’re best off using the length of the Piddle Place to determine if it will work for your furry friend. Dogs over 28 inches long may not find the Piddle Place as easy to use.

Scooter gives a high five for a job well done!

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