Pawz 1z Coat

Are you looking for a great  jacket for your dog? The Paw 1z coat is made of a high tech fabric that’s much like a nice ski jacket. It’s great at both repelling the rain, and keeping your dog warm on a chilly day.

photo 3

The Pawz 1z coat has a built in leash hook, so you don’t have to hassle with a harness (underneath the coat) or a collar. Just bundle ‘em up in the 1Z coat, clip on a leash, and you’re ready to stroll.



Pawz 1z Coat is:

  • safe
  • durable
  • warm
  • waterproof
  • windproof
  • washable

photo 1

Scooter here is wearing a size 10 (the smallest they offer) and it fits him like a glove. Maybe slightly on the tight side due to his puffiness. He seems to feel very secure in it though, and has no problem napping or relaxing while wearing the coat indoors for short periods either.

photo 2

Specific sizing guidelines are available on their website if you’re interested in ordering one for your own pup- this coat is great at repelling the rain and keeping your dog comfy in foul weather outdoors.

Credits: Original review from SheSpeaksBark

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