Paws & Play subscription service for pets

Are you a Pet Parent who is always on the lookout for the next greatest way to spoil your pets? If so, let us introduce you to Paws & Play- we think you’ll enjoy! Paws & Play is a monthly subscription service for Pet Parents that’s guaranteed to please. Each month, a hand picked collection of products will be delivered to your home. Toys & goodies that have been hand chosen for the dogs and cats that compromise your fur family.


Paws & Play is different from other pet subscription boxes because they allow Pet Parents to have much greater control over the contents of their pets boxes. After you sign up for Paws & Play, and provide them with specifics about the pets in your house hold and their sizes, you’ll receive a survey via email. The survey asks specific questions about your pets: age, activity level, activities/interests, as well as what you as a Pet Parent are most interested in (toys, treats, grooming supplies). It’s an easy and customized experience!


Paws & Play strives to provide excellent customer service, and they are dedicated to providing pets with healthy treats, toys, and devices.  Some of the items in each box are full sized, while others are sample sized- either way they’re sure to please your pup! The greatest news, is that each Paws & Play box comes with a full list of the contents. That way, when your dog finds his new favorite treat, or a toy that he’s inseparable with- you’ll know what it’s called so you can find it again. We were also impressed by the huge selection of different types of boxes- this goes far and above the typical ‘small’, ‘medium’, & ‘large’ options- and it should be noted that Paws & Play provides boxes for families with cats, dogs, or mixed-pet households!


Types of Paws & Play Boxes available:

  • Cat Box
  • Toy Group Dog Box
  • Small Breed Dog
  • Medium Breed Dog Box
  • Large Breed Dog Box
  • Giant Breed Dog Box
  • To-Go Box for a friend
  • Mixed Pet Box (for dogs/cats or two differently sized dogs)
  • Limited Edition Great Canadian Pet Box

For the purpose of this review, we had a Mixed Pet Box to accommodate both Bear & Scooter who have a 50lb+ size difference. Never before have we found a subscription box that provided toys or treats that both pups would be able to enjoy, so we were pleased by this option, and intrigued by what might be included in the box. We are reviewing the Paws & Play August Mixed Box.


Our customized August Mixed Pet box included:

  • Zorb It Up 2pk (to share)*
  • Giant Greenies Dental Chew (Bear)
  • Halo Spot’s Chew (Scooter)
  • Etta Says! Crunchy Duck Chew (Bear)**
  • Grandma Hippie (Bear)
  • Grapa Gimpy Hip (Scooter)
  • Earthbath Wipes (to share)*
  • Bosco & Roxy’s Cookies (1 each)
  • NaturVet Teder Foot-full size (to share)
  • Merrik Cowboy Cookout Sausage (to share)

*These two items went directly into our dog travel bag because they were perfectly sized for it!

The dogs got a toy each (which makes an incredible squeaky sound that they love!) it also cracks me up that we have a mega & mini squeaky chicken toy,  a few tasty treats to try, a chewy each, and several grooming products that they can share. A really good array of fun pet products for sure!

Another great thing from Paws & Play is the ‘Paws & Play Lab’- which gives subscription members a sneak peek behind the scenes. They’ll post information on product testing, upcoming events, and more. They’ve also started accepting photos of members’ pets for a chance at a coveted ‘Lab Buddy’ position. Lab Buddies receive a special Lab Package which includes a free full-sized item for your pet to review! Click here to learn more.

photo 5

Overall we really liked our Mixed Pet Box. The products included are all things we’ll use- some of them (like greenies) we’re familiar with, while others (like that duck chew that Bear confiscated immediately) are apparently new hits in this household! We thought that it was really fun to have a surprise box to open, full of things that are sent with your beloved pet in mind. While none of the products were designated to one dog or the other, they did each get their own treats in a bag with their names lovingly handwritten. Little touches like that make a big difference! It’s also nice to have a subscription service that includes toys, treats, AND products- because Pet Parents love to try out that sort of stuff too!

We think that a Paws & Play subscription would be an excellent service for Pet Parents of all types to subscribe to for their pets. It would also make a great gift: Birthday, Christmas, Adopt-a-versary, or welcoming home a new dog are all worthy occasions!


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