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Hey PetParents, did you know that today is National Pet Memorial Day?

National Pet Memorial Day was established in 1971 by the International Association of Pet Cemetaries and Cremoratories (IAPC) This pet-holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday in September each year to honor and remember our companions who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Our pets give us so much love and devotion, that a day dedicated to their memories is the least we can do to honor them.


If you ask me, that’s the hardest thing about living with pets honestly…knowing you’ll have to deal with loosing them one day. Because our pets are members of our family, we suffer and grieve over their loss. Often end-of life decisions are made in a hazy blur of emotion. But what if there was another option?


There is Pet Parents, and it’s called a Paw Pod! Paw Pods are biodegradable pet urns that sprout a lasting memorial for your beloved pet. Paw Pods are out to provide Pet Parents with an attractive, affordable, and meaningful way of putting their pets to rest when that terribly sad day does come.

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We love that Paw Pods are committed to green and sustainable practices. All of the Paw Pods are make from bamboo and rice husk and contain natural dyes, glues & sealers. Paw Pods believe that people deserve a better way to cope with the loss of a family member and Paw Pods are setting a new standard for the burial of pets.

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Each Paw Pod system includes:

  • biodegradable burial pod
  • sympathy card
  • seeded leaf (to be planted with the pod)

The pod and the card will provide your family with an Eco-friendly pet burial option that will become a beautiful living memorial for you to cherish for years.


Paw Pod offers pet burial systems for all shapes and sizes of pets including:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • ferrets
  • rabbits
  • other small animals
  • and even fish (amazing!)

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While a discussion about loosing our pets isn’t one that anyone wants to start, its an important discussion none the less. Having an idea of your desired arrangements for your beloved companion prior to their loss will help ensure you honor their memory in a way you’ll be happy with for years to come.


Is the loss of your pet something you’ve thought about or planned for? Would a Paw Pod provide an ideal pet memorial and burial solution for your family? 

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