Outward Hound Pet-A-Roo Front Carrier

How many of you are PetParents with a toy breed dog, cat, or small animal? If so, this review’s for you! Many times, our small breed dogs get tired on a walk and would prefer to be carried for awhile.  A hands-free way to carry your toy breed dog (or cat!) is an ideal way to safely and comfortably keep your pets in tow, and include them in your daily activities.



The Pet-A-Roo Front Carrier Features:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps to distribute your pets’ weight evenly
  • Waist strap that provides added stability for the carrier
  • Drawstring top keeps your pup securely inside
  • Well ventilated sides- great for summer walks
  • Includes both front and side pockets for additional storage
  • Padded/reinforced bottom keeps your pet comfortably supported
  • Ideal for small dogs, cats, and other pets (under 10 lbs)


The Outward Hound Pet-A-Roo is a must-have item for small dog owners.  After your pup gets exhausted from touring the town, hiking, or anything else, just pop him inside the carrier and keep on moving through your day-keeping your pet by your side!


If you’re planning on going to a dog friendly restaurant or venue, the Pet-A-Roo carrier is a great product to have. Your dog can comfortably rest inside the carrier while you go about your errands or enjoy a meal. We love that this gives PetParents the freedom and ability to include their dogs in so much more of their day to day life.

Scooter loves the view while riding in his Pet-A-Roo carrier- we’re willing to bet your pets will too!

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  • Nimita says:

    Hey thanks for sharing this post. I was thinking of buying dog carriers when i came across your post. I will keep in mind the things you suggested before buying one. Thanks a lot once again.

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