Does your dog’s breath reek of death? Like the Orapup video says, there really are not words to describe the terrible stench of dog breath. As PetParents ourselves, we know that trying to get rid of that bad breath is an uphill battle. However Orapup has designed this new nifty gadget and gel that actually neutralizes your dog’s terrible breath.


Orapup was kind enough to send me a sample so I could try and do something about Penny’s (my sweet pup with deadly breath) awful breath. As a PetParent, I feed Penny high quality food and healthy snacks that are good for her oral health, but her bad breath never ceases to surprise me. Orapup is a brush and gel set. The brush has super soft rubber bristles that are gently on your dogs mouth. The gel is flavored, mine was bacon flavored, and dogs literally go nuts for it. Penny was running in circles for at least a five minutes when she smelled the actual gel. After I applied some to the brush, I just let Penny go crazy. She licked the brush until all that bacon flavored goo was gone. The brush gently cleans their tongue, while the gel also works some kind of magic to get rid of that stinky breath. We can say today that Penny is free of bad breath, thanks to Orapup.


Orapup is completely safe and approved by veterinarians. Your dog also will approve of how delicious that gel is. Seriously, Penny went crazy over it and still does. So kiss that bad breath goodbye and get yourself an Orapup!


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