NuVet Supplements


Our dogs and cats can need vitamins & supplements for a variety of reasons: to support graceful aging, help recover from an injury, control side effects of allergies, compensate for missing nutrients in diet, and immune system support.


NuVet Plus supplements are said to reduce the risk of:

  • allergies
  • itching
  • hot spots
  • arthritis
  • digestive problems
  • hair loss
  • ear infections
  • low energy levels


Another supplement offered by NuVet is called NuJoint DS which is specifically a natural hip and joint therapy. NuJoint DS is a double strength formula that aids in preventing future joint damage, and easing any current joint problems.

NuJoint DS works to:

  • protect healthy joints
  • rebuild cartilage
  • lubricate for fluid movement
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve mobility


NuVet has a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their supplements are made in the US & NuVet uses natural, human grade ingredients that are manufactured in a human-grade FDA registered lab. The NuVet products aren’t heat processed (since that destroys essential nutrients), and they are safe for dogs of all ages-pregnant females included.



Credits: Original review from SheSpeaksBark

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