Pyramid Feeding Toy

Here’s another feeding toy that will keep your pups mentally engaged while they work for their food! The Nina Ottoson Pyramid feeding toy can be stuffed with your dogs kibble or favorite treat and then passed off to your pup for pure enjoyment. They can then use their nose and paw to get treats to tumble out. This particular toy rates as a level 2 toy on the Nina Ottoson Rating System which is a simple 1-3 scale.

The Pyramid feeding toy has a  weighted base that allows it to sit back upright after each tumble or toss. Your pup will enjoy playing with this toy both indoors and outdoors, and because it is made of durable plastic, it can stand up to a lot of play. This feeding toy is easy for PetParents to fill up, and it’s simple for pets to have a lot of fun! This toy comes in 3 different sizes so that pets of all sizes can enjoy a food challenge of their own. The two larger sizes are intended for dogs and the smaller one for cats and kittens.


In addition to making dinner time a fun activity, feeding games serve a lot of other great benefits for our pets as well:

  • Keeping senior pets mentally active and engaged
  • Strengthen the bond between pet and owner
  • A great activity and mental challenge for pets when the weather isn’t cooperating
  • If your pet is under the weather, this can be a great way for them to easily pass the time
  • PetParents can increase the challenge by freezing goodies inside of feeding toys before use
  • Feeding games encourage finicky dogs to eat their meals more readily

Credits: Original Review from SheSpeaksBark 

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