Nerf Dog Toys

Many PetParents grew up playing with one Nerf toy or another. The Super Soaker was a favorite in our house growing up, but Nerf is known for so many! Did you know that our dogs can enjoy the fun of Nerf brand toys now too?

The selection of Nerf toys available for your dogs’ enjoyment are many & varied. No matter your dogs play style, or toy preference, there’s certainly a toy made by Nerf that your pup will become attached to. Several of their toys are designed for multi-dog households, while others will win the heart of fetch lovers everywhere. Does your dog love a treat-dispensing toy? They’ve got that too!


NERF Dog Toy Varieties:

Feeding Toy & Mental Stimulation:


This blue Nerf football for instance is a feeding toy, similar to a kong. It’s made from a singled molded natural rubber, and has textured grip. The hollow core can be stuffed with your dogs favorite treat or food- a great treat to keep your dog busy in the house or crate. Pop it in the freezer for an extra challenge.

Game of tug with friends:


The NERF triple ring tug toy is designed for tough use and abuse. Great for tugging games between you and your dog- or for two dogs to share. It’s made of durable natural rubber and is an interactive toy that your dog can toss, throw, and tug.

Fetch Fanatic:



The NERF blue & orange crinkle ball is an awesomely fun toy for active dogs. Made of durable natural rubber, the orange interior is crinkly, plush, and fun. This is one ball that is sure to be the hit at the dog park- your pup won’t want to share his special crinkle-toy!


NERF dog toys make a great gift to give or to keep. With the wide variety of NERF dog toys available, there’s sure to be one to suit each dogs’ desires. If you’ve got a friend with a new dog, this could be their pups new favorite toy!


Did you have a favorite NERF toy growing up?? Which one do you think your dog will love best? 

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