My Dog Nose It


As a PetParent, we know that spending quality time with your pets is pretty high on the list of your priorities. Many Pet Parents love to get out and explore the outdoors with their pets by their side, no matter the season. Yet protecting our pets from the elements is often an over-sight. Sadly, our pets can get skin cancer (and others) too, and protecting them is a must. Cancers like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma are all found in pets.

Knowing that, you can understand why protecting our pets from the harsh rays of the sun is just as important as using sunscreen and appropriate gear for ourselves. But you can’t just spray your dog down with your bottle of sunscreen and call it good- oh no! People sunscreens are toxic to pets and their application on pets must always be avoided. Instead, you need a non-toxic, pet friendly product to use on your pets, something like My Dog Nose It.


My Dog Nose It is a pet-friendly sunscreen to be used on your dogs most sensitive skin- his nose. We all know skin cancer is on the rise, and we’re not just talking about people- pets too! This completely natural product provides a barrier between your pets precious skin and the sun and environment.


About My Dog Nose It:

  • dries quickly
  • heals and adds moisture
  • prevents nose color from fading
  • use on nose, ears and other unprotected areas
  • great for all breeds and lifestyles
  • proudly Made in the USA
  • water resistant- apply before going swimming
  • all natural, vegan, cruelty and paraben free.

The small 1/2 oz tub is highly portable- keep it in your purse, hands free leash, or dog bag for easy access on the go! Retailing at just $12.95/jar this is an easy investment in your pets overall health and well being!


This velvety smooth balm has a light fragrance and a soft touch. It comes in a half oz. jar which will last 4 months if used daily- probably lots longer for many PetParents. It’s clear and dries quickly, also providing your pups nose with a healthy dose of moisture. It’s water-resistant too, so feel free to apply, let dry, and swim! The recommended application of My Dog Nose It is similar to that of human sunscreens- re-apply every 2 hours while outdoors.

Do you apply sunscreen or UV protection of any kind to your pets? Is this something you’d like to start doing?

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