Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash

As PetParents, we take pride in the appearance of our pets. Picking out cute collars, bandannas, and bows for our furry friends is all part of the fun! Maintaining their coats is also a huge part of ensuring they’re looking cute and presentable at all times. Depending on the breed(s) of dog you live with, you may be able to handle all their grooming needs at home, or perhaps you rely on the professionals. Either way, in between baths and grooming sessions, sometimes our dogs can get a little stinky. That’s life. When our pets smell good (or at least don’t smell bad!) we’re more likely to want to snuggle with them, and give them all the belly rubs they ever desired!



That’s where Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash steps in! It’s the perfect finishing touch to use after your dog is bathed, and also a great ‘touch up’ product for in between baths. If you’ve just taken a walk and your dog is smelling less than pleasant, it’s time to break out the finishing spray to deodorize that icky smell for once and for all.


Maqnifiscent grooming & finishing spray is a family owned and operated company. Their products are made of simple ingredients:  just water, glycerin, and coconut oil. They are non-toxic, as well as alcohol and paraben free. It’s nice to feel good about what you’re spraying on your pets! The custom formula is intended to remove bad odors and replace them with a subtle fragrance of your choice. Personally, we’re huge fans of the cotton candy scent, but there are plenty of others to choose from. If, by chance, you don’t see a ‘flavor’ that intrigues you out of the 200 options available- you can even work with them to create a custom scent all your own.


Due to the coconut oil in the finishing spray, this product will also leave your pet with a silky smooth coat and helps to detangle those with long fur. This product works like a ‘scratch and sniff’ formula- so each time you pet or pick up your pet- the scent is revived-lasting an average of 1-2 weeks per spritz session. This product is safe for use on both dogs and cats leaving all PetParents happy!

Have you ever tried a type of pet grooming spray or doggie cologne in an attempt to keep your dogs odor at bay? Do your dogs enjoy being groomed? 


Credits: Original Review from SheSpeaksBar

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