Kyjen Lil Rippers

Are you looking for a fun summer time toy to entertain your dogs with this season? Check out these Lil’ Rippers toys from Kyjen- with so many fun ways to play. They’re an adorable squeaky toy with a built in fun flying disc for double the fun- it’s like the best of both worlds!

photo 1

My dog Bear absolutely loves his turtle Lil Ripper! Essentially, it was love at first sight. Each one of the turtles flippers has a squeaker inside, and the head portion makes a ‘honk’ sort of noise that gets him riled up and excited to play!

photo 3

Bear especially loves ripping the shell off the turtles back by himself. There must be something exciting about that rip noise of the velcro because he’s been taking it off again each time that I put it back on. In all our 11 years together, Bear has never been one to enjoy fetch much. Imagine my surprise that this 12 year old boy has happily raced up and down the hall after the Lil Rippers flying disc almost every night since he’s had this toy!


Lil Rippers toys:

  • Are made with tough fabrics for more durable wear
  • Come with a removable squeaky shell- a fun flying disc!
  • Are larger than your average plush squeaker toy- extra fun for big dogs
  • Comes in three fun animal options: turtle, warthog, and rhino


Do you have a big dog at home who would love to play with a Lil’ Ripper of their own?? I could see this one being a total blast at the dog park. 

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