Kyjen Seamsters

The kyjen seamster  is a rubbery plastic toy that has thin strips of rawhide woven around the outer edges. It’s a wonderfully interactive toy because your dog has to ‘pick’ and ‘work’ at getting the tiny strips loose. There honestly isn’t much rawhide involved but it’s a good project toy none the less.


We tried out the green ‘half bone’ seamster toy. Bear didn’t really ‘get it‘ at first and it took him about 15 minutes of messing around with it (he knew there was rawhide involved so he didn’t give up) and me picking at it a bit with him at first before he really set in on it. Then he looooved it, and worked on it until it was finished.


He finished stripping the entire bone in about 35 minutes, so I’d rate that pretty high for distraction factor. He also didn’t give up on it until he’d finished the entire thing, which lets me know he really enjoyed it. I think he found it difficult, but it didn’t get frustrating for him.


The neatest ‘secret’ part to this toy is that the bone has an open space inside so that you can also hide small treats or kibble inside of it. My dogs LOVE stuffable toys,  so this was an awesome added bonus for our family.  To prepare the seamster for its next use, you simply soak some of the rawhide strips, re-string it, and allow it to dry and harden again.   Do your dogs love interactive toys? Is this something you can see them getting excited about? 


Credits: Original review from SheSpeaksBar

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