Kurgo Wander Bed

Finding a high-quality, attractive, transportable dog bed for a pup (other than a toy breed) can pose a bit of a challenge, which is why we’re so happy to have found the Kurgo Wander bed.

The Kurgo Wander Bed is an incredibly versatile (and comfy!) dog bed that is great for so many things including:

  • use in the car- backseat or cargo area
  • camping/backpacking trips
  • around the house
  • to cover furniture
  • in your dogs crate
  • at the office or in hotels


Two of our favorite features of this dog bed are it’s ability to roll up so nicely (like a sleeping bag, but much smaller) and the offset colored corner pouch which allows you to stuff something that smells like home inside for your dog’s comfort. It’s the little details that take this bed over the top!


The Kurgo Wander bed is designed for easy use and maintenance, something all PetParents appreciate. Machine washable, the soft fleece top is made from recycled materials that provide your dog with a soft spot to rest. The water-proof bottom is also non-slip to ensure your dog stays dry, and in place throughout your journey- weather you’re in the car, or spending a night in the tent together. Our dogs love this bed so much that we use it as a ‘topper’ on one of their other dog beds in the house when we’re not traveling or camping with the bed so they can enjoy its soft fleece daily.


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