Kurgo Kibble Carrier

If you travel with your dog often, you know how important it is to have a good way to transport your pup’s food. Keeping your dog’s kibble in the original bag encourages it to spoil and dry out, not to mention it will probably spill! Plastic bags can pop holes and plastic containers just don’t hold much.

The Kibble Carrier from Kurgo solves two travel dilemmas for PetParents in one convenient product. The carrier combines a food-safe kibble bag with a soft-sided travel bowl that your pup can dine directly out of.



The soft-sided bowl is equipped with a drawstring attachment that secures it to the bottom of the kibble bag without any effort. The kibble bag itself is BPA free, and has a roll down closing feature that allows you to adjust the size based on the amount of kibble inside. The Kibble Carrier holds an astonishing 4 lbs of food as well, perfect to keep your pup happy for a longer trip if necessary.

The Kibble Carrier is perfect for adventures with your pup! Use it for a weekend camping trip, a day hike (pup’s gotta have treats!), even for a day at the office, boarding kennel, or doggie daycare!

Did you know? Kurgo products are guaranteed for life! Check out our reviews of a few other Kurgo travel products: Wander Car Hammock and Wander Bed.

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