Kurgo Backseat Bridge

Are you a Pet Parent who travels frequently with your dog in-tow? Are you looking for a great way to keep your dog safe and happy during a long trip in the car? The Kugro Backseat Bridge is the ideal way to keep your pup up on the seats, and give him a bit of room to lounge out as well. With a bit of organization built-in, this is a pet-friendly travel product that’s sure to please the entire family!


The Kurgo Backseat Bridge covers the floor wells of your vehicle and gives your dog more room to spread out and relax in the backseat. It can also ensure that small or elderly dogs don’t fall off the seat and onto the floor- keeping them safer for the duration of the ride. If you find the need for a human to join them in the back, a portion of the bridge can be folded up to accommodate everyone’s needs.


The Kurgo Backseat Bridge is:

  • easy to install! put up or take down in just moments
  • secures to the car seats with a few highly adjustable straps
  • comes in reversible color pattern-black or khaki- to match any interior
  • fold down portions of the bridge allow for high adjustablity based on travel needs
  • can still accommodate a person sitting in the back seat
  • can support around 100lbs of happy dogs without additional support

The fold down center barrier keeps excitable dogs in the backseat, and off the arm-rest. A little extra thought means that the backseat bridge also has a water bottle holder and storage pouch for treats, poop bags, etc. so your pup is always prepared-even on the go!


The Kurgo Backseat Bridge is an award-winning product, and for good reason! We’re happy it provides a solution to pet owners looking to enjoy a long road trip with their pets. With two (very) differently sized dogs- this product has been so helpful for us! The backseat bridge gives our big dog Bear room to sprawl, and keeps his tiny counterpart up on the seats and safe from rolling around on the floor.

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