Being a PetParent means it is our job to make sure that our pups have the best care possible. We want our dogs to be around at our sides for a long time. In order to do that, it is important that we take our pet’s health seriously.


A healthy diet and a good amount of exercise are important to maintain a long life for our pets. Like people, every dog’s body is different requiring the right type of vitamins to keep them healthy. K90 is an all-natural vitamin that dissolves in your pets water and it tastes like bacon…. yes bacon!



K90 uses all-natural ingredients in their vitamins. Some of the ingredients include Aronia Berry, Cranberry Extract, DHA Gold, Brewers Yeast, Electrolytes, and the all natural water soluble BiovaPlex which helps the ingredients dissolve in water.



Aronia Berry is a super fruit that has incredibly high antioxidant qualities that will be amazing for your pet. Cranberry Extract is probably one of our favorite ingredients in this mix. Not only has Cranberry Extract been know to promote dental health, but it also promotes great urinary health in your pet.


To serve your dog some K9O, you can mix it in their water or pour it over their food. They will love the bacon taste and gobble it right up! Check the K9O size chart to determine how much K9O your dog needs and check out their website to get your dog some tasty vitamins! You’re dog will not only love them, but you will love how good they make your dog feel!


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