indigo Fresh Dental Sticks

The Indigo Fresh family of products (by Petsafe) offers a triad of easy to use products that can help clean your dogs teeth and freshen his stinky breath to boot! Their dental sticks and floss bones are great for medium- large dogs. The dental sauce works for all breeds & sizes, but is an ideal solution for toy breed owners. I don’t know about you, but I really do make an effort to brush both of my dogs teeth weekly. Recently learned I actually need to step up my game to twice weekly brushing to really make a difference!

Here are some interesting facts about Pet Dental Health from Indigo Fresh:

  • 8/10 pets have oral issues by age 3
  • bacteria is generally the cause of bad breath in our pets
  • Less than 1% of dogs get daily teeth brushing
  • Poor oral hygine can lead to serious issues like: heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, & gingivitis
  • Even senior dogs should not have bad breath!

PetParents, did you know the average dental cleaning comes in at $200 a pop on average, plus additional costs for any tooth extraction- you’ll quickly understand why poor dental health can really add up in a financial aspect, not to mention the negative effects on your pets health.


The Indigo Fresh Family of products provides a three part solution that makes life easy…in fact, it’s as easy as giving your dog a treat!

  1. Indigo Fresh Dental Sticks
  2. Indigo Fresh Floss Bones
  3. Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce

Indigo fresh products contain hexametaphostphate (HMP) which is also found in human toothpastes- HMP reduces plaque and tartar build up by up to 80% (without brushing!) All Indigo Fresh products are happily made in the USA- with no artificial colors or preservatives.

Where do you and your pups stand on the whole tooth brushing scenario? Do you try but your dogs fight you the whole time? Does your dog enjoy getting their teeth brushed? Do you rely on cleaning treats and chews to get the job done? 

Credits: Original review from SheSpeaksBark

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