Halti Opti-Fit Headcollar

Hey PetParents! When you head out for a walk or outdoor adventure with your dog, do you ever worry how they might behave on the leash? Or whether or not they will pull until your arm hurts while you’re out and about?? Teaching our dogs leash manners and how to heel is one of the more challenging aspects of pet ownership for many pet parents. Our dogs are so curious about the world around them, and their nose is their main source of all this information, so we understand that they can sometimes get overpowered by following their sniffer!


Most of us have the same goals when we head out with our dogs:

  1. Have fun
  2. Get some exercise/wear the dog out
  3. Keep everyone safe

If you’ve got a dog who pulls, or gets rambunctious during your walks, this can quickly become a cause of stress for you during walks. Some of these dogs are just excited, others are reactive, yet all of them need two things: to be re-focused, and to be re-directed. If these sound like things your own dog struggles with, we’d urge you to give walking with a head collar a try. It could be a revolutionary change in your relationship with your dog, it was in mine! 

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Head collars are a safe and humane way to help your dog stop pulling, and become more responsive towards you during your walks together. By maintaining gentle control of your dogs head, you’re able to regain his focus and help him learn to be a more enjoyable walking companion. The concept of humans controlling large animals using head collars is as old as farm animal domestication. Halti headcollars operate under the assumption that ‘when you guide the dog’s head, his body must surely follow‘, and it’s spot on PetParents.


A headcollar is just as quick & easy to fit onto your dog as a harness or collar would be. The Halti Optifit head collar has a soft nose band for your dogs’ comfort, as well as an extra clip that attaches to your dogs collar for security. Simple guiding pressure is all that is required for you to see an immediate change in your dog. The Company Of Animals, the makers of Halti Optifit Headcollar (also Anxiety Wrap) are dedicated to helping PetParents & their animals. Each Halti Optifit Head Collar comes with an instructional dvd to ensure your greatest success.



We’re curious, what sort of ‘gear’ does your dog wear when you’re headed out for a walk or outdoor adventure? With so many products on the market for PetParents to try, we realize there are a lot of options to wade through when searching for just the right walking items for your own dog. What works for you? How long did it take you to discover a system that works? Are you still searching for just the right items for your pet? 


Credits: Original Review from SheSpeaksBark 

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