Epi-Pet Basic Skin Care Kit

When the inevitable bath time comes, the shampoo you use is extremely important. What we put on our pets skin is quickly absorbed into their bloodstreams (generally in less than 30 seconds!), therefore using a shampoo that is safe, yet effective against dirt and odor is essential.

Epi-Pet products were created by Dr. Michael Fleck, a licensed veterinarian who is also a licensed Esthetician. This combination of knowledge has afforded him the ability to create an advanced line of skincare products for pets. The Epi-Pet line of pet skincare products include: shampoos, skin sprays, sunscreen, and more.

The Epi-Pet Basic Skin Care Kit comes with three main pet-care components:

  • Cleansing Agent Shampoo
  • Skin Treatment Spray
  • Double Sided Treatment Brush

The shampoo can be used to bathe your pet regularly to remove odor and oil as well as heal dry, flaky skin. The shampoo is formulated with more natural ingredients than any other product on the market, using 16 different natural extracts to condition, moisturize, enrich, and heal. The light scent of the shampoo is pleasing as well!


The Epi-Pet Skin Treatment spray works as a topical treatment for pets with dry, flaky, or irritated skin. This product works best in combination with the Epi-Pet double sided treatment application brush. Using the brush to apply the skin enrichment spray will maximize the effectiveness of the solution. Two to four applications daily will help get the skins condition under control and then once daily application to maintain. The spray also works to repel pesky critters like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes naturally!

This brush will work to cleanse your dogs skin by removing flaky skin, dirt, and excess oil which lets the skin treatment spray work better. It also increases the blood circulation in the skin which encourages better blood flow. The brush also works to detangle your pets coat and remove loose hair while it spreads the skin treatment evenly.

We love the lavender scented spray, and both Bear & Scooter find the scent relaxing. They can often be found ready to drift off after one of our brushing sessions!


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