Doggie Lawn

Ever since moving from a house with a backyard back into an apartment, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of an indoor potty area for Scooter, our little Pomeranian. When working longer hours, it sure seems convenient to help out on a long day. None of us PetParents like to keep our pups waiting!
The Doggie Lawn is an ideal solution for many dogs and their owners. Those who may enjoy the benefits of Doggie Lawn include:
*puppies still getting their immunization shots
*dog owners with busy schedules
*apartment dwelling dogs
*senior dogs with incontinence or arthritis
*dogs and/or humans recovering from surgery
*hot, summer days
*rainy or snowy days
*some could even take them to hotels or
on their boats!

Upon opening our Doggie Lawn I was highly impressed with the quality. This is one thick piece of sod- they aren’t messing around! And it’s REAL grass, unlike some other indoor potty systems which use a faux variety. I was happy to note the lip of the box was low, allowing for small or handicapped dogs(like Scooter) to still use the Doggie Lawn with ease. Scooter had no problem ‘popping’ into his Doggie Lawn when asked. Yay! The bigger sized doggie lawn is recommended to be used with the plastic tray which is sold separately to ensure nothing leaks through the cardboard casing that holds the sod.


Scooter is hyper potty trained for a small breed dog. He’s been housebroken since he was small enough to sit in our hands, and hasn’t ever looked back. The idea of going potty (even though it was grass) inside was a hard one to grasp. He was finally convinced to potty inside using his Doggie Lawn with french-fry bribery ;) I would assume that most dogs would take to it much more quickly, especially males who enjoy ‘marking’ something Scooter doesn’t do.


You can find out more information on ordering a Doggie Lawn for your pup online here. Do any of you see this being a solution for potty breaks in your home? We’d love to hear!


Credits: Original review from SheSpeaksBar

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